July 28, 2021

Compliance is often used but has many meanings. Mostly, for a company, it is the fact that the organization decides to meet all its obligations and legal requirements. Seems normal and simple?

That is not that easy. Compliance is not only about compliance with tax, financial, employment, data protection, regulations, etc. It is, more than ever, an integrity state of mind. It is about to define the standards and values for our everyday work.

As part of this commitment, the creation of the International F. ETHIC Committee allows us to set out our own vision of compliance: compliance shall be how we are conducting our business in an ethic way and legal manner and behavior, by being professional and exemplary.

Therefore, compliance shall be understood as all procedures, codes, trainings, policies, and everything that the Group makes available to each employee to achieve the principles that have been enacted as major.

How FI Group is doing so?

An international leader on compliance: the International F. ETHIC Committee

Created in 2021, this Committee must lead the compliance within the whole Group and ensure that concrete actions are taken.

What is more concrete than internal regulation of the business contributor relationship? Each country manager has been asked to add an ethical provision to be crystal clear about what the business contributor can and cannot do.

An international Code of conduct

Launched in 2021, this Code of conduct is for all employees of the Group. It can be added to any local codes, guidelines, and procedures.

Employees must be trained to ensure that they have understood what the principles of FI Group are. Moreover, even if the Code has many concrete examples, FI Group encourages its employees to report any situations of which they have knowledge or simply suspect that could violate what is enacted in the Code of conduct.

An international Code of ethics

In parallel with some local codes of ethics, this international Code of ethics is part of our ecosystem to know and understand our own values.

You want to know more

What are the mains principles of FI Group?

Honesty, excellence, and transparency.

Our ambition?

Each employee of FI Group shall not only apply our standards but must also believe in them. To do so, we must train them to convince them that compliance is the best way to federate.

We must do good and we must always do our best. Therefore, this Committee’s goal is to help each country of FI Group to achieve this ambition.

  • What about you?
  • Do you also believe that compliance and ethics are not contradictory with business?
  • Would you like to join us as an employee? Do you want to be our client? Our service provider? Our partner? Or being part of our adventure?

We would always find a place for you if you fit with our values!

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