June 14, 2022

Why does digital transformation matter? 

Case studies have argued that 50% of employees could be replaced by machines because of the big technological advancements in AI in the era of Digital Transformation, however, we see this as a complement instead as a negative human replacement. 

We see computer software’s and AI as an addition to our activities, working alongside people who are part of the chain of vision. People can improvise, be reactive and think critically, showcasing the advantage of people in unexpected situations. There is a clear link between the collaborative work that can be done by AI and people, rather than a separation.

Knowing how to be an efficient and productive team is always the main aim of any successful partnership. As discussed, both people and AI have different strengths and weaknesses. By delegating tasks based on these strengths and weaknesses the digital transformation and partnership between people and AI can become more efficient and impactful. 

What role does consultancy play in digital transformation? 

It is becoming harder and harder to talk about Consultancy without mentioning digitisation. The digitisation of consultant tasks can be eased by Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software’s. These systems are designed to emulate human’s actions when interacting with digital systems, such as recognising and extracting relevant data.

This automation undoubtedly contributes to the streamlining of the consulting process. It can gather information immediately, transfer documents instantly, create news queries in a few minutes, solve the incidences quickly and in the stages of verifying or making changes to procedures. 

So, the digital transformation allows for flexibility within automation systems, which develops ease and efficiently, making the consultants project writing time shorter. This is also a benefit for the client as it allows for quicker turn around time on R&D reports.

Focusing on the improvement of the value add of our services has always been one of our greatest priorities. Innovation and technology are core pillars of our business, we are always looking for ways to improve our internal procedures through digital advancements that are being made, to provide the best and most efficient results for our clients.

The FI Group solution 

  • How can FI Group help our clients in this era of digital transformation?

We offer a free audit to highlight and show our clients areas in their R&D process that can be improved by our team and service.

To improve this process, we have created an application that have improved the line of communication between FI Group and clients, and allows 24h access to updated claim information, improving our traditional services through new digital tools.  

Introducing FI Connect. A new digital space that integrates several applications on a single platform. Benefiting our customers by providing greater transparency and showcasing the digital transformation that FI Group is currently undergoing and that will drive productivity for clients and consultants alike. 

Welcome to FI Connect

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